Monday, March 30, 2015

Return of Spoonula

I honestly do not mind my carving mess ups at this point in my learning.  There are so many things I learn from the mistakes.

My first spoonula was carved out of a fallen sycamore limb that I found.  The mistake in that one was that I carved one spot of it paper thin.  So, when I carved the next one, I tried so hard to not carve it too thin.

This one was carved out of Ambrosia Maple.  See the board under it?  That is the board it was carved from.  It is almost white before you oil it.  It feels like magic to put clear oil on it and have it turn this beautiful color.

Well, unfortunately, I repeated my mistake and carved it too thin again.  It isn't as paper thin as the first time, but still thin.  I carved the depression on the spatula before I carved the angle under it. And not only did that thin it out, but when I started carving the depression I gouged it out with too much gusto.  The more I tried evening out the gouge, the thinner the whole thing got.

So, now I am working on spoonula number three.  I am pretty happy with it so far.  There is a worm hole along one side that I might fill.  There is still a little sanding to do.  Then I will coat it in mineral oil.  After that, I will let my friend choose the one she wants.

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Little Ol' Liz said...

There is still value in the spoonulas you've carved ---- complete the hole like an intentional element, and it becomes a stiring spoon mean to facilitate movement while being able to scrape the bottom --- like when you make scrambled eggs.