Wednesday, April 8, 2015


This past week I finished Spoonula 3 and carved another spoon for a friend.  There have been no big wood mishaps in the last week.  The only problem is that I can't stop thinking about wanting to carve.  I wake up at night thinking about it.


Spoonulas 2 and 3 were carved out of a board of Ambrosia Maple.  I love the color of this after I oiled it.  Gorgeous!

Here's a photo of the spoonulas carved out of Ambrosia Maple. The one on the top is unoiled and the bottom one is oiled.  It's oiled with just clear mineral oil, mind you. No stains.

Carving dried boards is like carving brick though. Wow, that was tough on my hands.

Surprisingly, green wood is good for carving.  I would not have guessed that you should do that, but I read it on many blogs.  Green wood carves like butter.  The green wood that I have available to me is mostly beech and sycamore.

  Downed limbs are what I use.  No cutting trees for spoon making! When we are out and about in the world, I keep my eyes open for limbs of other woods that are on the ground.  I've never looked forward to wind storms like I do now as that is when I am more likely to find wood.


Jackie said...

You are a speed learner Jan! These are amazing!

sallgood said...

These are just fabulous! Love that you've embraced this new endeavor with so much gusto and success. (I'm on spring break, but I'm having a challenge working out the math for a quilt block that won't cooperate. Maybe I'll go clean the garage…) :D