Friday, March 27, 2015


I think I have not carved 2 spoons alike since I started playing with wood.  A lot of the reason is that each piece of wood presents its own possibilities and limitations.  That, plus I whack off an accidental piece of wood here and there.  That kind of changes the designs.

A friend of mine asked me if I would carve a "spoonula" for her.  That is a spoon and spatula combo. I had tried a spatula a couple of weeks or so and the angle of the the bottom piece was just way wrong.  So, last night I decided to carve a prototype of the spoonula.

I totally love the prototype.  It was carved from a found limb off a sycamore tree which was a limiting factor sizewise.  Besides that, the piece of wood carved just fine. 

My error was that I dug a little too deep in the bowl of the spoon. If you look at the next photo, you can see where the wood is so thin, light shines through.  Good enough for my kitchen for now.

Onward to a better version.


clairvoy said...

That is awesome. Love the work. My mother got one from her mother we still have, but another cant be found.

sallgood said...

One of my favorite wooden spoons has a big hole in the middle of the bowl- it's perfect for stirring together dry ingredients. So maybe you could just make the thin spot an intentional hole. (And let me know when I can order a spoon from you- one of my sons is always asking for one of mine. When I told my daughter I was going to give it to him, she said she loved that particular spoon too. Grown kids fighting over a wooden spoon!) :D