Monday, December 21, 2009

Socked In!

In case you didn't hear, the DC Metro area was hit by the blizzard of 2009.

We got 20 inches of snow at my house.

It looks gorgeous, but it was not fun shoveling that much snow.

We spent about 3 hours working outside on Saturday. I did not find one iota of joy in this activity. On Sunday when it was time to go out and shovel some more, I wanted to cry.

Look at how high the snow was. My truck is sitting down in a trench now.

I see this as my Christmas miracle.....wink, wink. After less than an hour of shoveling on Sunday, one of the shovel handles broke and so I got a reprieve.

M sent me back inside. Yea! (I was afraid he would think of some other snowy, shovel-less chore out there. He did not. I heart M!!!)

I spent time in the kitchen getting a meal together for my elderly neighbors as M went over to shovel them out. (That's navy bean soup, corn bread, and pecan pie.)

The birds got my attention too. Suet production took place on the screened porch. (Have you ever smelled lard cooking? P.U. I worked with it outside so it didn't stink up the house....which was full of yummy home cooking of people food.)

And I've spent the rest of my time knitting.

School was supposed to let out for the holidays on Wednesday afternoon. The roads were so awful here that the powers that be went ahead and started our break early. Is that amazing, or what???????


Little Ol' Liz said...

OK -
So Wow! On the snow.
Wow! On the broken shovel - I never would have thought of that (wink, wink-guess who shovels here?).
And Wowzer-wow-wow on the knitting! Just wait, you'll be consumed with gauge, swatch and fiber types. Oh, the madness!

Good thing you have those extra days of Break to work it all out!!!!

Heleen said...

Whauw, I thought we had much snow... you have so much! good luck!

Kathy said...

What luck! That is a lot of snow. We were off on last Wednesday for having 17 inches. Your food that you took to the neighbors looks delicious in the photo. Have fun with the knitting.

Jill said...

Hi,sorry to hear about all the snow you got. However, us Mainers where glad a lot of it got dropped before it got here. I do, however, like my snowed in days. Then I don't feel as guilty about making art.

The reason I went to your site is I am trying to get to know other art teachers. I taught for three years in South Carolina. Coming home to Maine, however, the competition is tough. I might have to move again. Wanting to network. Hope you are open to this

Chan Bliss said...

My nephew and his new wife posted pictures of Washington DC with all the snow this weekend. I'm glad my yard work this weekend was only mowing and blowing leaves.

Julie said...

Well, you sure got a lot accomplished in all that aweful snow!!! Your neighbors must have loved you both!!! Nice to get break stared early!!! Yeahhhhh!!!

random Cindy said...

Wow! We had a snow storm like that the year I graduated from HS. Missed more than a week and we seniors didn't have to make it up! I love the snow. We got piddly up here. Did take the kids ice skating today, I think I would rather have shoveled snow. How kind of you to make your neighbors some comfort food. I love getting dumped on though, it makes everybody sit back and stop whether they want to or not. Most people get something positive out of it I think.

La Donna Welter said...

OMGosh! You have so much snow!

I wanted to stop by, and wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for your friendship throughout the year! : )
La Donna

Brit Gal Sarah said...

That's like what we had on March 30, except we gotcha beat by 6", it's pretty but no fun if you have to get out!