Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pecan Pie and Vitamin I

Today my plan was to stay at home, bake and knit. When I realized that I was out of a crucial pecan pie ingredient, I headed out to the store. I tweeted my intentions to my friends, and they responded.

School_Marm (that's me)
Wishing I could head to the grocery store without changing out of my warm robe and gown.

@School_Marm If you drive a little farther you can hit a grocery store where you won't be recognized. Go for it!

@School_Marm There isn't an app for that yet?

@School_Marm I'll meet you there in my PJ's to distract the onlookers. I'll throw in curlers for free. ;)

I love having the input of friends. They never disappoint.

Unfortunately, this is my final tweet in that string:

Slipped and fell on black ice on the grocery store parking lot. Should have stayed home in those jammies.

Yeah, not good. I told myself that when I got home I'd spend the day on the sofa. 16 baked pecan pies later, I am sitting.

*vitamin I = ibuprofen
**why am i typing in italics = i don't know...the "on off italics" button is ignoring me


SCB said...

Oh no! You poor thing! I mean, the sofa is a great place to spend large periods of time... but not because you're feeling rough... I'm way too late for Christmas wishes but I hope you felt better and had a good one, and here's looking forward to a great New Year! Hope to catch up with you soon, meanwhile peace and love to you and yours over the festive season. Sara

jackie said...

Sorry about the black ice, and holy cow have you melted out of that snowstorm yet? Nate is so jealous - we only got about an inch or two, but they made the most of it!