Monday, December 14, 2009

Crewel Stones

I absolutely am in love with these embroidered pieces by Patricia at the Zencrafting blog. If I hadn't just started playing around with knitting, I'd be all over trying this. It's just so gorgeous and I know it would be satisying to work on. She calls them "Crewel Stones."

She's hosting a giveaway for one of them, so go on over to her place and check it out.


ZenCrafter said...

Jan, thanks so much for sending folks my way! You were the inspiration for the matryoshka with the scarf, and I thank you for constantly making me think about crafting in a new way.

LDH said...

How cute are they!?! Thanks for the link!

Kathy said...

How beautiful! I commented on her blog too. Thanks for calling it to attention on your own blog. I have only done felting over a bar of soap. I like the idea of doing it over a rock that has more weight.

LDH said...

Hi Jan, Just came across this blog and thought of you...

Maybe you are already familiar with this one but if not you might like seeing some of her work.

Happy Christmas wishes to you!
Kindly, ldh

Sarah said...

I love these!
I haven't been by to read for a while. Just catching up on all the creativity here.. as always you inspire me :)
Merry Christmas to you!