Saturday, September 6, 2008

A New Toy and a Tropical Storm

After having mysteriously trashed three or four school laptops in two days back in July, I named myself "Typhoid Mary," and was temporarily banned from touching technology. The thought that I had somehow picked up a nasty computer virus and was spreading it to every machine I came in contact with, just appalled me. It made me feel as though I had some nasty socially transmitted disease. I LOVE technology, and I try hard to be safe.

In my haste to get back online and NOT get any viruses again, I ordered a MacBook. Macs have such a good reputation for not getting ickies, that I felt comfortable with it. Plus, I always loved my Macs "back in the day" before schools became PC havens....dens of PC iniquity.

Well, it turned out that I hadn't picked up a nasty PC bug, just a nasty glitch in my account on the school server. And the laptops were resurrected.

It's taking some effort to learn how to use the Mac again, but I am having fun with it. ...especially on a day like today when there's nothing to do because the weather is so nasty.

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