Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Inservice Day

Cleaning off my always overflowing camera memory card, I found these images from last week. All teachers in my county had inservices hither and yon of varying levels of interest. Art teacher inservices are often at the Smithsonian.

I get so excited about almost every aspect of our inservice day. I don't drive downtown, so I always catch the "Metro." (i.e. the subway that runs in the DC metro area.) Riding it by myself always makes me feel like a real live grown up....which is an odd thing to get excited about when you're 51.

And I still get the tingles when I see the monuments and government buildings.

The art, I never get tired of, though admittedly, I don't come to visit often enough.

What a great way to spend what could be a deadly dull day.


organized chaos said...

i had no idea art teachers got to have inservice days downtown. all i've ever gotten is boring power points in over-airconditioned rooms. so jealous!

splatypus said...

Washington, D.C. really is an amazing city just to look at. In all the years I worked on Capitol Hill there wasn't a morning that went by that I didn't get the "wow" chills when I drove into work. It's got this amazing balance of beauty and power - just breathtaking!