Sunday, September 7, 2008

Floods and Funeral Parlors

Well, that weekend flew by. Sheesh.

I try to get at least one snip done in a weekend. That seems so wrong since I can make time for so many other less satisfying things. Something I love as much as snipping, I seem to barely squeeze in.

I'm going to play with the idea of architecture this week. This snip was supposed to be the facade of a building, though it mostly reminds me of an altar at a funeral parlor.

That was a first attempt. A learning experience. Which reminds me, I haven't quite caught hold of the idea that I need to change the blade on the X=acto knife more often than I do. When I go to make a delicate slice, and a big chunk of the design rips off, that's not good.

Since the rain from Tropical Storm Hanna kept us inside, I spent most of yesterday playing on the MacBook. When a school friend posted on Twitter that the creek behind her house was flooding, it reminded me to go check the one in front of my house.

Lord have mercy. This first photo was taken an hour after the 5 1/2" of rain fell. The trails were mostly submerged and I could only walk in about a tenth of a mile before it became impassable.

Mark says that the flood gauges on the internet say that the water over there went from 2 feet deep to 13 feet deep during the storm.

The second photo was taken tonight. 24 hours later. Amazing. Aside from the mud, some downed limbs, and a lot of dead fish on the trail, there didn't seem to be a lot of damage.

Today was phenominally gorgeous. Mark and I got in 55 miles on the W&OD Trail...along with all the hoardes of other folks who were housebound yesterday.

We did manage to narfle some garthoks, so the day was a good one.


scb said...

Gee, Snippety, what a lot of water! I've been reading about the storms but hadn't thought of what effect it might have on you... glad to hear you're fine! I'm sorry for the poor dead fish, though... Sara x

Jackie said...

Yikes, are you starting to feel a little moldy in your neck of the woods??
I like your idea of doing architecture snips. I did think of a church altar though not a funeral parlor. And the changing the blade thing - I try to use mine as long as possible too and then regret it. And no it's not good when chunks of the papercut come off.

Chan Bliss said...

Oh boy,
I sit here down near the end of Florida watching all the hurricanes charging of the coast of Africa heading right toward us. As they get nearer my wife starts making noises about me dragging out the plywood to cover the windows. But I say wait why do now what can be done later. And so far this year we have dodged the worse of the storms. I hope our luck continues because being less than a 1/2 mile from the bay and only 8 feet above sea level.
Well a big storm would really have us narfling our garthoks (I've been itching to use that since I first read it)

perilloparodies said...

i think of that Narfle Some Gartoks cut ALL the time when i need a good chuckle... i was reminded of a wedding alter, actually, with this cut... pretty. :-) oh, funny thing is, i just sent you flickrmail on the subject of xacto blade changing... So know how chunk-tearing goes... :-)