Friday, February 29, 2008

Snippety Scissorhands

As a practice exercise in visual thinking, I like to try cutting designs without drawing them first. Sometimes I get something surprisingly okay. Other times it's unintentionally "fun." My Janny paperdolls with shears look more like The Merry Wives of Scissorhands.

And actually, they started off as a chunky kid with floppy socks and sneakers, but as I cut up the legs, they became something else. (Can you say, ATTENTION DEFICIT?)

A couple of folks at school asked me to cut a paper tree for them for a hall display. I think that they have no clue I am a fool for paper and scissors, and they probably have gotten more than they bargained for. I am SURE they wanted a trunk and a few branches, because they are going to cover the whole thing in leaves with words on them. Now, knowing me, do you think I could deliver on that? Let's just say, it's a little elaborate. (No photo, darn it.) I told them to prune liberally.

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