Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sugar Skull Pyrography - Wooden Spoon

It's a rainy and yucky day here in Northern Virginia. Outside on the screen porch, where I often go to carve, its cold and damp. So I've spent my time down in my studio trying out pyrography. (Remember that woodburning tool you had as a kid?  That's pyrography.)

The spoon is a store bought one but the design is original.  It was fun to make and I'd like to make more of them.  They'll eventually go in my Etsy shop or become hostess gifts.

My friends tend to end up with lots of these sorts of things as gifts from me.


Jenny said...

That woodburning tool you had as a kid? You crack me up.

sallgood said...

Nice! I have some wood burning tools and I've done a tiny bit. But never felt like I could do it with a class full of kids!