Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tribute Piece - Scherenschnitte for my First Art Teacher

My first art teacher is retiring.  (So am I, in case you didn't know!)  My home town is having an art show in her honor.  Former students have been asked to submit work.  So I made a snip for her. 

It is the largest paper sculpture I have done and it took me probably 20 hours or so from start to finish.  (Though I have yet to figure out how to put it on display without having it fly away when a breeze hits it.)

The figures represent parts of her life.  There is one figure of her painting.  There is a clothesline with tee shirts hanging that represent her annual tee shirt design for the town festival.

There is an image of her walking her dog and on the opposite side is her with her family.  Up in the tree limbs are hidden art supplies.  Palettes, paint brushes, tubes of paint and buckets of paint are just a few of the items.


Mrs. C said...

So beautiful! :)

Julie said...

Oh Jan! This is exquisite! What a great honor to her!

sallgood said...

What a gift and honor for your teacher!
And no, I didn't know you're retiring…I'm just a few years from that myself. Do you have big plans? Like a visit to the Pacific Northwest?? :D

Phyl said...

Jan, it's magnificent! What an honor to her! But wait, how old is she, that your FIRST art teacher is retiring the same year as you?!?

How big is the sculpture? Can the base be permanently adhered to a base board of some sort? Or does it have to be able to fold flat?

vfg said...

Really lovely.