Monday, April 21, 2014

Displaying My Paper Sculpture

The snip that I cut for my  retiring high school art teacher is all boxed up and ready to ship off to my sister.  My hometown is two hours away in the best of traffic, and three plus on most days, so it will just be easier to let my sister take care of the set up for me.

The small 3D pieces that I make are easily set out flat.  Some folks use the loop of monofilament on the top and hang them.  At home, when there is little breeze around to disturb them, they pretty much stay in place.  However, having a large one on display in public presented problems.  I cut this piece thinking that it would sit on a pedestal, but I didn't consider the fact that the breeze from folks moving around would make the snip fall over......often.  Hanging it like a mobile from the wall was an option, but I don't know what kind of hanging system they use.

And on top of everything else, I had to think of a way to display the piece that would not be too much of a hassle for my sister to have to deal with.

Worrying about the display woke me up multiple nights this week.  I conjured up several solutions and finally came up with what I thought was a good solution. So, this afternoon I shopped for the things I needed to construct it.  On a fluke, I stopped by the thrift store to see if there was anything there that would work. 
I was happily surprised to find a heavy wire stand, made to hold this funky, bejeweled candle.  Though the size was right, I wasn't convinced that it was going to work, but for a buck and a half, I wouldn't be losing too much.

Well, it turned out that it works pretty well.  I asked Mark to chose which one he liked the best and he chose this one. The snip is suspended about an inch off the table surface.  It should provide enough stability to not fly off the pedestal.

Phyl asked how both my art teacher and I are both retiring the same year.  I took my first art class my junior year in high school and my teacher was only a couple of years out of college.  She's only 7 years older than me.  The woman is well preserved though. I am envious!


Mrs. C said...

Gosh that's gorgeous! I love it more every time i see it! Your teacher is going to love it! I'm a sucker for trees... :) The hanger works perfectly! :)

jackie said...

I've been meaning to tell you that this paper cut is extraordinarily fabulous!!! I love it so much, and who you've made it for and everything. You are such a thoughtful, generous and talented woman!