Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Siren's Song of Coffee

Coffee.  Oh what a draw that delicious brew has on me. 

I tried giving it up for the new year, but it pulled me back in today.  It seems to have a siren's song like few other things.  I lose all rational thought in its presence.  All resolve breaks down.

That Star6ucks mermaid is a demon in disguise.

scherenschnitte 5" x 7"


Flash said...

That mermaid's lure won't leave you foundering :)

sallgood said...

I live in the Seattle area, aka, the Land of Coffee. But I don't drink it, but often get thank you gifts of Starbuck's giftcards...luckily, my sister is a coffee fan. :D

Love your snips. I just went to an exhibit of papercuts by Nikki McClure at the Bellevue Arts Museum. I thought of you while I was looking at her art. (

Julie said...

Oh LOLOL! I am the same way with coffee!!! Beautiful snip! Love the mermaid in disguise!!!