Monday, November 19, 2012

Jan in the Style of Roy Lichtenstein

This weekend I took a college class many, many hours from home.  The focus of the class was on three pieces of software for art education.

The remainder of the class is all done online.  I have five pieces of art that I have to create as a part of my grade.  Since my fifth graders just attended a showing of work by Roy Lichtenstein at the National Gallery, I decided to do a self portrait in his style.

This was done using the software program, Pixie.

Here is the original photo that is under the "Lichtenstein".

 LOL!  What a difference.  It makes me giggle, but I do like the glamorous version of me!


Julie said...

How cool this turned out!

Chan Bliss said...

Is that Pixie from Tech4learning? The self portrait looks great. After using the program do you think it is something your elementary kids could use?

sallgood said...

I especially love your blue glasses! :D

Flash said...

So cute!

What software were you using?

fuglefun said...

This looks great Jan!
Thanks for sharing:)