Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jump Start

Summer break has finally arrived.  Thank goodness.  This has been one of the toughest teaching years I've ever had.

Our school was exceedingly overcrowded this year.  Every nook and cranny, trailer and workroom had to be utilized as teaching spaces.  This nook was my art room. 
It's been tough. 

Thankfully, the school year is over.  Our school is losing 150 students to other schools. Aside from the fact that so many of the kids leaving are ones I adore, I can only imagine that this will impact us in the most positive of ways.

One thing that has made me joyous, is that I am getting my old classroom back.  Just the mere thought of having a decent teaching space again has made me feel excited about teaching next year.


jackie said...

holy cow! the kids are basically in each other's space in your first photo! yea for more room!

Flash said...

Sounds like summer break will be relaxing now the dread of returning to this is over.


Mrs. C said...

Holy Moly! The kids are crawling all over each other and the supplies! So happy you got your space back! :)

Julie said...

Yeah for summer! Sounds like you need it after a year like that! So glad you will have your old room back and less kids in a goodness!!!

Art Project Girl said...

That is a tough position to be in! Sometimes you have to say "it is what it is!" Until you can get through to the next. Glad you are moving on from that classroom. . . must have been tough. You will totally appreciate a real classroom I'm sure! Congrats on that!

Kathy said...

I'm sure you really deserve your room back this next year. It must have been aweful to be disrupted from your usual space.