Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Summer Projects

Because this school year was so busy, I felt too drained to do many projects on my own at home.  My first two days of summer break, I sat....bored.  That's an unusual state for me.  Normally I stay busy all the time.

When I started thinking about having a classroom again next school year, I got excited.  My brain started gearing up with thoughts of how I could set it up.  Looking at three 20" x 24" canvases that a friend gave me, I saw the three letters "a", "r" and "t."  So that's what I painted on them.

 I had so much fun painting them yesterday, I wish I had more to do today.

Projects for today:  yogurt making and crochet.


Little Ol' Liz said...

I was beginning to wonder about you, after such a trying school year. I'm glad to see your creativity flow!

The Adventurous Art Teacher said...

Welcome back. My year was a bit crazy too. So glad it's over and ready for the summer. Love your line work!

Julie said...

WOW...awesome signs! You sure have a steady hand!!! Interesting yogurt making set-up!!! Can't wait to see your crochet!!!