Friday, May 11, 2012

Les Trois Inventeurs (1980) by Michel Ocelot

This is an amazingly beautiful video in which the artist created everything from doilies.  Just, wow.  It was created in 1980, but I had never seen it until today.  It's causing my brain to do a happy little shift.

Thanks for the link, Julie.  Check out her blog at:  A Succulent Life


Flash said...

How clever & sweet is that? !!!

Julie said...

I am so glad you enjoyed this, Jan! I want to re-watch with the sound on (I first watched it while laying with my grandson to get him to sleep)!

xoxo- Julie

Things Hand Made said...

its great when you find something that wakes the brain up. thanks for sharing

jackie said...

This is utterly AMAZING! I'm so glad you shared it!