Sunday, April 8, 2012

Decorating Easter Eggs is Not for Wimps

Start with a dozen eggs.  Watch five explode as you extract the insides.
Painstakingly decorate an egg.
Destroy the same egg and others by using the wrong gloss coating.

Tip:  Use the spray on the left, not the coating on the right.

Painstakingly create more pysanky eggs.

Spray with the correct coating, then recoat the egg with the incorect coating.  This will create blobs and help collect fingerprints.  It might also continue the process of making the dyes run together.  Yay.
I have lots of eggs hanging around that are not display worthy.  They're ones I've spent a good bit of time creating, but wouldn't display because they have been wrecked at some stage in the game.  My thinking is that I would like to pitch them to someone with a baseball bat so I can enjoy the explosion.

Honestly, I don't get too stressed over making mistakes, but I just wish I could learn more quickly from them.

***This post was inspired by my pal, Jackie. 


sallgood said...

Creativity is never a straight line, is it? :D
Happy Easter anyway!!

Julie said...

Oh, this was hard to see and read!!! You are tenacious though and were the winner!!! Great work. I have both of those sealers here in my house...good information!!!! Thanks Jan!!!

jackie said...

my goodness! you get the award for persistence my friend! I have to say your disasters broke my heart a little bit, all that lovely detail and work...wah! but it's true what sallgood said. creativity is rarely a straight line. thanks for sharing the learning curve along with your successes.

LDH said...

HI Jan!

It certainly isn't an easy skill but you sure have learned a lot and have some gorgeous creations. You are inspiring :)

Flash said...

Oh, the joys of

Art Project Girl said...

These are beautiful! Eggs are a tough medium that I don't have the patience for. . . unless I was throwing them against a canvas. I'm surprised you didn't get to that point! They look gorgeous!

random Cindy said...

What about making mosaics out of the pieces?