Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Inner "Luba"

In all my pysanky books, there's always a pysanky artist named "Luba."  I guess it is a Ukranian name.  So, at this time of year, when I am pulling out the pysanky supplies, I feel as though I am freeing my inner "Luba."

Here are the beginnings of my first pysanky eggs of the year.


nweames said...

Loving the swirls and bicycle. Don't we all want to be Luba?

Been reading your blog for a while. Incidentally, just found out recently that we both got introduced to pysanky by the same amazing person. Small world.

Bellatuk said...

Luba is short for Lubov, in translation it means Love.
You eggs is lovely!

jackie said...

My dear Luba,
I'm sending you a pysanky wish for durable eggs, no cracks, or humpty dumptys!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hehehehehe.........thanks for the good wishes. I'll take them.