Sunday, February 19, 2012

Antsy Pants

It seems that at Christmas and Valentine's Day, I snip a lot of white 3D pieces. My black and white illustrations get put by the way side for a while.  So this weekend I've been inspired to return to the black and white snips.

Here's what I came up with tonight. 

It's based on an elementary art lesson that I found online the other day.   That lesson was based on a work by Saul Steinberg.  I never found an image of that particular piece of his, but I loved the student work that Ms. Butler posted that was based on it.  I taught the lesson to my fourth graders and they loved it.

My snip is of an underground tunnel system for ants.  They are in all sorts of rooms doing ant things.  Cooking.  Sleeping.  Reading.  Primping.  Using the potty.  I had fun snipping it.

I actually enjoyed the drawings that my students did too.  They were funny and nicely done.  The kids didn't necessarily do ants.  There were all sorts of critters doing funny things.  I should have given them either two classes to do the work or used smaller paper.  I'll know next time.

Here's my own work in progress. 

scherenschnitte 5" x 7"


Miss said...

The children's drawings are charming and so imaginative! And your cuts/snips are to die for! I don't have the patience to use an x-acto knife for that long!

sallgood said...

I love the inspiration kid's art can bring to us! Love your snip and all of the different patterns you came up with.

jackie said...

what a very, very fun and delightful sip Jan!

vfg said...

Oh, yes! love-y love the ants. I have a brother who is an entomologist (perfect uncle, eh?) and passionate about ants ;) and always have my eye out for good ants!