Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Planning for Christmas - Card Template

I like snipping my own Christmas cards. 
The ones I made the last two years were 
3D.  It took 5 months to make all of them. 

 With a month to go until Christmas, 
it looks like this year's cards won't
 be as involved as that.  So I'm trying
 to get some sketches done before getting 
the production line going.  Honestly, at
this speed , I may be heading to Hallmark 
for my cards. 


jackie said...

i have dreams of someday making handmade cards...
but in the interest of my sanity i'll probably just take a picture of the boys and have cards printed. they are my best work of art anyways!
Happy Thanksgiving Jan!
p.s. every year i hang your 3-d card from our dining room light. i cherish it!

Little Ol' Liz said...

Wow Jan -- that design is beautiful! It would take me 5 months to just produce one.

Happy Thanksgiving friend!