Monday, November 7, 2011

Emotion Drawings....Grade 3

Sometimes I absolutely adore the work of my students.  I am often shocked at the wide range of results I can get within one class.

My third graders last quarter studied how to draw a face.  Now they're taking that information and applying it to a drawn self portrait, showing emotion.  In the first lesson, they looked at a mirror and drew their image while making a face showing emotion.
This was one of my very favorite drawings.  It reminds me of the work by the artist Jean Debuffet.

These were well rendered, I thought.

There were drawings whose skill levels were at the opposite end of the spectrum as well.  It baffles me from time to time how there can be such a great chasm in skill in one class.  But, I guess that's how life is on every front. 

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Suzanne Tiedemann said...

These portraits are so very expressive! Excellent work!