Sunday, January 2, 2011

Etsy Love

This morning I was window shopping at Etsy. There were two shops that called my name.

This shop is "reniebritenbucher -- Whimsical Fun Folk Art Paintings by Renie". Both the style and the colors of this artist pulled me in.

Often on Etsy, I look at the first page of a shop and delve no further। I looked at every item in this shop....and lingered on many.

Another shop that I enjoyed looking around in was "Doodlage - Rock, Paper, Scissors.   All of things are right up my alley.  She uses them in ways I haven't though.

We love rocks in this house.  When we go on vacations we are more likely to bring home beautiful rocks than store bought souvenirs.   I enjoy how she uses smooth rocks as a base for some of  her "doodles."

She also has upcycled book pages to use as an element in her drawings.  This is the Cheshire Cat and it is drawn on a page from that story.

She doodles with papercutting as well as pen and ink.  I never think of doodles as being something so lovely.

I enjoyed spending time browsing these shops.  Maybe you'll find something there that will call your name too.


Patty Palmer said...

I agree. I love these paintings!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Lovely paintings! The colors are bright and happy.

LDH said...

I have lots of Etsy LOVE too. Sometimes I am just amazed at the incredible gifted and talented people out there. Love what you found too!