Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Brother, the Maker

I get a kick out of my younger brother; I think because our brains work in such similar ways.  We are both makers. He is more of an inventor.  I am more interested in the decorative arts.

Looking at his blog tonight I saw this alteration he made to some exercise machine at his house.  He used pvc pipe to make this iPad holder.

I was amused seeing that because of what I did to my own machine.  It is a desk on my treadmill made out of a board and exercise bands.  (Hehehehe...at least those exercise bands get used for something!)  We got the same outcome; multitask with media as you work out. 

Here are some other fun things he has come up with.

A hands free iPod movie viewer he created just for his own use.

A hand carved wand for his daughter, a la the one from Harry Potter.  It even has a strand of his wife's hair inside, as the Harry Potter one has a strand of mother's hair inside as well.

A giant Monopoly set that he created and assembled from disparate places.  (He's selling that one on eBay, by the way.)

A hammered dulcimer.

A viking hat for a baby.  LOL.

I don't know where we both got that desire to make things.  Our parents were business people; not really makers.  But the two of us definitely are always working on something.


Julie said...

You two are both happy people, it is my bet. Your bro has made some awesome stuff...the wand and the baby viking hat being my favs!!!

Kathy said...

Very good inventions for both of you!

Jay said...

You so sweet. *sniff*
I Love you, Sis.

random Cindy said...

Cool collection. I'm not sure what takes the cake, the hammered dulcimer or the viking baby hat!