Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sea Gull Century 2010 - Snow Hill Route

I've riden the SeaGull Century 3 times previous to this year.  We actually tried to ride it another year, but a hurricane went through and we decided to not ride.  

Before heading to Salisbury, Md. this year, I was a bit concerned.  I hadn't done all the training that I had done in years previous.  I figured I could make it from start to finish, but I didn't know what shape I would be in at the end.

Mark and I stayed at the Salvation Army gym this year.  All the hotel rooms anywhere near Salisbury were sold out and all they were renting well above their regular rates.  The Salvation Army charges $30 per person and is mere blocks from the start of the ride.  We got showers, a place to sleep, and a continental breakfast.  Not a bad deal.

Around 7 a.m.  Leaving the Salvation Army. It's about a mile and a half to the start of the ride.

Mile 0 -  The weather was perfect.  I expected that I would be wearing at least a pair of arm warmers, but thankfully, I was comfortable without.
We were off to a fast start.  18 - 21 mph mostly for the first 25 miles.

Around 25 miles.  First rest stop.  Awesome jazz music live.  The porta potty line was loooooooooong.  The folks waiting were friendly though.  I had good converstion with the guy behind me.  Mark did the same with the folks where he was.  I admit that there was quite a bit of chatter when the lady with the triathlon clothing went in and out of the porta potty with bare feet.  We were in awe that someone was so brave!  I think I'd walk on hot coals or broken glass well before I ever went in a porta potty barefooted.

Folding bike.   This one is a Tikit.   I want one!  I saw four on the ride including a couple of Bike Fridays.

This field looked neon green.  The photo doesn't do it justice with how bizarrely bright it looked.

Typical DelMarVa scenery.  Lots of farms.  Lots of fields.  Lots of old houses.

Oh.  Lots of old cemeteries and old churches too.  I was so sad I couldn't carry my nice camera on this ride.  The possibilities were there, but the time wasn't.

One of many pace lines.

The obligatory Snippety Gibbet silhouette of Mark and Jan.


.........another cemetery........another church.

....another pace line

You gotta love this.  This porta potty company is "#1 in the #2 business."

Rest stop around mile 40.  Just water and porta potties here.

"Uncle Al"   This guy stayed at the Salvation Army too.  He looked for the world like Mark's Uncle Al.  We both hope we're riding centuries at his age!

DelMarVa Scenery

Snow Hill is quaint.  Lots of neat Victorians.

Truck at the 50 mile mark with well wishes.

Nice silhouette of Mark.  Might be "snip" worthy.

Rest stop around the 60 mile mark.  This is on the Chincoteague Bay.

This was a gorgeous stop.  We liked it much better than the one on the Assateague Route.  Shade is a lovely thing.

My trusty steed.  I adore this bike.  Its been good to me.

This was taken around the time the charlie horses started kicking in.  They traveled with me for the next 40 miles, making this my slowest century ride ever.  Mere moments before they kicked in, Mark asked if I minded if he took off on his own.  I remember seeing him 20 feet ahead of me and the demon horses grabbed hold of my quad.

Tyson chicken plant.  I hadn't seen another rider for a while when I got here and wondered if I had gone off route. 

PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   My favorite part of the Sea Gull Century.  When else can a person on a perpetual diet eat pie without guilt? 

Mark had waited for me for a few minutes here.  This is at the Nassawango Golf Club.  Another lovely stop.  More live music was provided by a couple of guys playing acoustic guitar.  I wanted to just lay down and nap.

After the last rest stop, I passed this unicyclist. 

100 mile mark.  This shot is of my odometer when it read 100 miles.  I took it at this point because I knew I would be riding more than 100 miles total because of a navigational error on the way to the starting line.

100 miles.  6.54 hours.  Slow.  But, hey...  I did it.

Striped cows.  They all had a white ring around the middle.  I'd never seen cows that looked like that before.

After the finish line.  Bikes, worth big $$$ laying around everywhere unprotected.  Blows my mind.  Anywhere else we cyclists go, we lock the heck out of these.  Here, amongst our own, we are trusting.  I wonder if anyone has ever lost a bike here.

Ta da!!!!!!!!!!!!  Done!  Not excruciatingly exhausted.  Very happy.  Charlie horses still running rampant.  Ugh.

Total miles, once I rode back to the Salvation Army, 107.55.  Thankfully, my dear Mark volunteered to load up my bike in the truck and I went off to get a nice shower.  So, next year, if I plan on riding again, I will train more beforehand.  I knew going into the ride this year, that I had not prepared as much as I had in previous rides.  Perhaps, more training would have beaten my quads into submission, and the charlie horses would not have haunted me for so many miles.

It was a great day.  Thanks so much to the folks at Salisbury University for another top notch ride.   I had a great time.

Photos of the Seagull Century 2010
Photos of the Sea Gull Century 2010
Images of the Seagull Century 2010
Images of the Sea Gull Century  2010


Jenny said...

Up in Maine they call those Oreo cookie cows. They are everywhere around Camden.

These pictures are fabulous. I can't believe you manage to ride over 100 miles and take such wonderful pictures!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hahahahahaha! Oreo cookie cows! I love it.

LDH said...

Great job, Jan! Over 100 miles.... wow!!! Great photos too. You are one special lady in my book!

Kathy said...

Good for you for riding in another 100 mile bike trip. I love riding a bike, but I would be unable to do a trip that long. It is wonderful that you have such strength. Your photo essay really tells a great story.

The Adventurous Art Teacher said...

Your amazing! What a great adventure. It makes me want to start biking.

sallgood said...

Congratulations! What a great ride, wonderful scenery, and what an accomplishment!

Phyl said...

I'm so impressed! I'm terrified of bicycles.
And we call them Oreo cookie cows here in northern NY too.

jackie said...

It looks and sounds like it was a great day (except for the charlie horses)! I have never gone more than 75 miles in one day. Hope your nether regions survived! :)
And going into the porta potty barefoot - ugh, yea I would rather walk over broken glass or hot coals too!

random Cindy said...

Oreo cookie cows - I had no idea they are considered rare. They are everywhere up here. I cannot even imagine riding 100 miles. And managing to take pictures at the same time! Amazing, you are.