Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pensioners Knit Jumpers for Chickens

I have at least two blogger friends who have an affinity for chickens. Diane at Mackville Road and Alex at Pink Feather Paradise. They're also crafty girls. I thought they might enjoy this video.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Thanks for that... I heard about it over here but I think I will try and get fully feathered

I suppose I could crochet them santa hats for the winter...!;D

x Alex

Kathy said...

Hi Jan,
That's really a cute video. I bet some of the bloggers from the rooster party would think that was a pretty neat idea too!

sallgood said...

That is so sweet! (Isn't the world filled with interesting people and a jillion ways to be creative??):D

Oh, I found out the name of that pointy-paper-cut-looking plant that I posted pics of on my blog:
Sea Holly (Eryngium)

Julie said...

Can you even imagine how much fun they are having??? How cool!

Mackville Road :: Diane said...

: )

Oh, how I LOVE this!!! Emmett says I need to get on some of these for our ladies! That rooster we had made a mess out of all of our hen's backs so they really could use some nice chicken jackets before the snow flies again...

: )))

LDH said...

Hello Jan, Thinking of you and just wanted to stop by and say 'Hi'! Hope you gave a really good week :)