Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Gasp of Summer

The end of my summer break has arrived. Though I have had two and a half months off, I feel as though I have left so many things undone. I've traveled this summer and visited a bit with family, but art and school wise, I did little. Often I felt as though I was overly connected to the web. Email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube....Email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Over and over again. Blech.

In order to try and escape the web and renew myself, I spent ten days in West Virginia. There's a country house I like to rent in the mountains. Cell reception is nearly non-existant, let alone web connection. A perfect situation.

Groups of friends stopped by to visit and spend nights. Some nights I stayed alone. Friends cooked gourmet meals and I enjoyed eating them. I played with my new camera. I watched cows and sheep. I did a little snipping. I did some mountain biking. I saw some shooting stars. I read. I slept. I slept a lot.

I was alone about a third of the time, and it was productive time. I enjoyed the quiet and got to spend a lot of time inside my own head.

I felt sad leaving, but am already contemplating how I can get back for a longer stay.


The Adventurous Art Teacher said...

What a lovely place... Wish i could stay there. Sounds like your rested and just in time for school ya!
I'm going into school today to set things up,classes start Sept 7th for us.

LDH said...

ah... so that's where your were. Can you tell I am reading your posts backward?!? But that's how they come up in my reader.

Kathy said...

What a nice thing to do for yourself before the start of a busy school year! I like the part about friends stopping by to do the cooking! Great nature photos too.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

wow... I ould do with a year in a place like that... sounds like a fantastic retreat... beautiful pictures I love the butterfly...

x Alex