Friday, August 6, 2010

Charmed, I'm Sure

This summer I have developed a new found love of my charm bracelet. A gift from my sister, my charm bracelet has been with me since about age ten.

When I travel, I love looking for a new charm as a souvenir. These were a couple I found this summer.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. To actually see this iconic American image was breathtaking. It was also cold and windy. AND we saw a car wreck right there....with flying glass, metal and plastic....on the underpass of the bridge. Aside from that, since we were traveling with my daughter, granddaughter and aunt, it was especially memorable. I love having this charm to bring up memories of that trip.

We went to Tahoe for a couple of days. I didn't gamble. (Too cheap.) So all the slot machine charms and dice charms didn't seem to represent Tahoe for me. When I found out that Donner Pass was nearby, I just HAD to go visit the museum. It was fascinating. Plus I found out that a large part of the Donner party was made up of many folks with one of our family surnames....all healthy eaters, by the way....and whom not one died during that awful event.

I honestly felt so touched visiting Donner Pass. I was happy they had a charm that would remind me of that trip. A Conestoga wagon.

One place we went that I wish I had a charm to represent, was Muir Woods. They are famous for their giant redwoods. The gift shop only had one charm and I passed on buying it. The charm to represent Muir Woods? A dolphin. Uh. Huh?


Pink Feather Paradise said...

charm bracelets are lovely... and what a fantastic way to remember places you've visited.. better than the spoons my Nanny and Grandpa collected... I have no clue what to do with them all! lol

x Alex

Julie said...

I have just lately been wanting to start a charm bracelet in silver...mine from childhood is a cheap metal...sadly. It is a cute bracelet, but I really want a silver one with charms to match me! Yours is so pretty, and I love your Golden Gate charm...that is cool! It would be neat to have mine be all places I have visited...just sort of a travel charm have given me something to think about! Thanks!!!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

How nice to have the bracelet to remind you of all the fun places you've been and things you've done. I had one in high school, but never added to it in later years.

The Adventurous Art Teacher said...

I love Northern California, I'm always telling my husband I want to move there. Love your charm bracelet, think I was about the same age when my aunt gave me mine. I haven't been very good at adding charms though, after seeing yours thinking maybe its time to get it out of the jewelry box.

Jenny said...

I have a pinecone charm from Muir Woods from years ago. How odd that all they had now is a dolphin.

Anonymous said...

I love charm bracelets. I don't wear silver, just gold, so alas, my charm bracelet is growing verrrry slowly. Those gold charms are not cheap.

I wish more people wore them -- I'd love to meet someone else with a charm bracelet so we could show them to each other and share our stories.