Sunday, June 13, 2010

So Much Papercraft........

Make that paperwork.

It DEFINITELY hasn't been papercraft or anything remotely creative. All I've been doing lately is bubble in grades. (Which, by the way, reminds me of punch cards. Isn't that a bit antiquated???????) I teach 400 plus students and that's a boat load of grades with a boat load of bubbles. I also have three classes in which I have to enter their grades on the computer for a pilot grading program. This has all put me into major procrastination mode for EVERYthing. My creative juices have been sucked dry!

I did stitch some paper together yesterday for a future 3D papercutting but nothing has happened creatively since then.

At 35 pounds down, and 6 weeks post op, I'm trying to reboot the fitness juices. I'm back on the bike trying to increase the miles. We did 22 on the W&OD trail yesterday.

Today I did 10 along the C&O Canal.

That's a dirt ring above my ankle; not a tan line.

This is our last week of school. My hope is that once I am done with everything educational, I can begin restoring my creative juices and get back into shape.


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Hope you make it through all that paperwork. Congratulations on losing 35 pounds - that's great!

LDH said...

Wow, wow, wow! Down 35 pounds! That is so awesome! I so admire the distance and commitment you have for bike riding. I would max out after ten miles :(

So much end-of-year school work for you teachers! Happy it will be ending soon. Looking forward to seeing what happens when your creative juices start flowing again and you have time to enjoy yourself.

Julie said...

It is interesting how the creative juices ebb and flow!!! Sometimes, they are non-existant! You sure are looking good, girl! I am so happy for you with all your biking again! I wish I could ride so far. A few years ago a friend and I got bikes and rode every evening about 5 miles, and it was very enjoyable in the cooler months here, but now, we are out of commission...this heat is stifling!
I know you will be happy to be done with the school thing and have a little summer freedom! Looking forward to your Mr. Creativity to come along again!!!

Maija said...

So much success though!!

sallgood said...

Wow!! 35!!! Awesome!!!
I'm sorry to hear that grading is getting you down- by teaching after school only, I'm avoiding that! (Oh,and I'm also avoiding any retirement account too...) :D

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Good on you and I had to look twice at the canal picture as its all green on top I thought it was grass! lol

The paperwork our teachers have to do is rediculous and so tedious... they seem to spend more time gathering data and marking it down for Ofsted (educational body) than teaching these days!

fingers crossed the last week flies by! ;D

x Alex

The Adventurous Art Teacher said...

Thank goodness all our grading is done on the computer. Friday was the last day with students, not done till the 24th.
I can't wait to play outside!
Looks like your having some fun though.

Little Ol' Liz said...

Keep it up -- and the kiddos won't recognize you when they return in the Fall!!

Happy Summer. I vote for less data and paperwork for everyone.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Congrats on the 35lbs, that's wonderful and I'm envious!

Bravo you on the cycling, I have started a couch to 5k program over 7 months, we'll see!