Saturday, May 15, 2010


So, maybe it was a bad idea to quit taking my allergy medicine in the middle of pollen season. Before my surgery I was so careful to not get sick. I washed my hands as if I had OCD. I faithfully took a homeopathic cold medicine. To vitamins and Claritin, I was faithful. A couple of weeks after the surgery was over and everything seemed to be healing well, I decided to stop taking the Claritin. Whaaaaaaa????????

A couple of days later, when I was in the throes of coughing, hacking, teary eyes, and fatigue, I started taking the Claritin again. So far, it hasn't helped much.

M went to Long Island to do a century ride and so I am home alone. My plan was to get lots of snips done. Mostly I have just lain on the sofa, however. The most I could muster up to do was to draw some sketches of me in various states of exhaustion.

Oh, I did ride my bike three blocks and back....with a surgical face mask on so as not to breathe in any more pollen than I had to. Cute.


Julie said...

Oh, I can see you now in your mask riding down the road! Hey...I would do anything to avoid allergies!!! I started on Allegra a few weeks ago and it has CHANGED MY LIFE, seriously! Hope you haven't come down with a cold, which would be easy to do after the stress of everything. I hope not.

Elenka said...

Well, I have many in my family that have allergies. I am lucky, so far, to have escaped that trauma. But I know how folks suffer.
So glad you are on the other side of your surgery. Onward and upward!
My cousin had your same surgery years ago. It's quite an amazing thing.
On a different note, I just had my students finish an art project that was inspired by one of your posts. I am going to photograph them and post them as soon as me and my new camera are on better terms.

Mackville Road :: Diane said...

Oh my, how I've fallen behind and am now remiss in wishing you a speedy recovery from surgery!! GoodNESS! I hope you feel a little better every day! I have an allergy suggestion... a friend of mine has terrible allergies every year from about May to November. Last year, she was told to start eating at least one teaspoon of raw honey every day starting in the fall and going all winter. It can even be in your tea. She did -- and she is allergy free so far. This is huge, because she was bad off. So it doesn't help you now, but you could try it for next year. And it couldn't be a sweeter remedy. (The key is that it must be raw honey.)

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