Sunday, February 14, 2010

Playing in the Snow

Cabin fever finally got me. I decided to head outside to do something other than shovel snow.

M and I cross country skied on the trail near the house. It was gorgeous. It was also a good bit of work and I sweated buckets. I fell three times too, but believe me, it was tremendously easier to get back up again now that the snow is compacting a bit.

We observed a lot of interesting tracks. There were a couple of different types of snowshoe tracks; ski tracks; post holes from people in boots; and then deer tracks. The deer tracks surprised us. We had thought they were human ones for a while. Then we realized that as the deer post holed down in the snow and then moved forward, their legs made a wide hole at the top.

We had been wondering what had happened to the deer. Normally we see herds of them wandering around in the woods, and you usually see them best when they are out in the snow. But we haven't seen them around since the blizzards.

A mile or so from the house we came across a couple of odd places where something had dug up the snow down to the ground.

We're guessing that these are places where the deer dug beds for themselves.

Back to work tomorrow.

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