Sunday, December 6, 2009

Toilet Paper Tube Knitting...I Think

I have never knitted in my life. I own no knitting implements, not even a ball of yarn. So when I read my friend Diane's post about her little girl being totally drawn in by spool knitting, I wanted to be drawn in as well. I even decided to order the little "knitting nancy" that her little one was using.

I got all jazzed up about trying this today. Right now! However, not having the power of instant delivery from the internet, nor the desire to drive to the craft store, I had to use materials at hand.

A worn out wool sock and a toilet paper roll should do the trick, right?

So I managed to get a small ball of yarn ready.

And I cut my toilet paper tube with what looks like castle tower crenelations along the top.

I'm not sure if what I did was really knitting. There were no directions with this instant made kit. It just seemed in my head like it might be the way to do it though. Plus, I did get a tube of yarn made.

Here's me in action.
Well, that was fun.


Chan Bliss said...

Do you end up with a yarn tube? What can you then do with it. I have a bunch of yarn at school and the kids would probably like doing it.

Julie said...

You are so industrious!!! Very nice tube! Did the little girl show any of her creations??? Seems like we made these knitting tubes with wooden spools and we nailed nails all around the top edge when we were kids! I still have a very longggggg multi colored thing I knitted at about age 8 or 9.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I believe Diane said that her little girl was making a bridle. Hehehehe.

Diane said...

Jan!! You are a CREATIVE GENIUS!!!! So industrious! I am so totally impressed. You were doing it exactly right. Bea is sitting under the kitchen table (??) right now making a very long something. What to do with these long tubes indeed! Well, after you have enough bridles you can then decorate the xmas tree or the house or wherever. She's thinking about the trees outside, too. And the chickens need necklaces...

I LOVE the video. Love it.

I just had the whole family watch the video and Lucian says I have crazy friends : ) In a nice way.

LDH said...

You are an amazing lady to improvise and have your creation work out. And even make a video! Whata girl!

random Cindy said...

Jan, you've been sucked in lol. You can even just use your fingers. But great ingenuity. And sock yarn, wow, you had to start the hard way huh?

La Donna Welter said...

You are soooooo very creative! : )

mayaluna said...

You must know how much I love this! I can't stop looking at that image of you unraveling the sock to make your yarn... because you had to knit: NOW! There is so much passionate energy in everything you try. I'm also quite taken with your Etsy shop, and happy you made the leap: you're so good at everything that you create. xox

vfg said...

This whole post cracks me up.
In an I-recognize-that-sort-of-process way.

"Well, that was fun..." !!