Monday, October 19, 2009

Making a Snake Jump Through Hoops

I haven't been on the bike much lately but have been chomping at the bit to go out and ride. We did 30 miles today and my bum is so so sore.

M, always the defender of critters trying to cross roads and trails, made us do a "U-ey" after passing this fellow.  He had to make sure no one rode over this black snake, but not before making him slither through his wheel.


Julie said...

You are so extreme! I wish I had that characteristic! You sit for hours snipping, and then ride for hours gettitng such great exercise! Nice to have that balance for health! (I does seem both sort of involve sore bums tho...LOL)!!!

jackie said...

Your biking and camping trips make me happy! Just to know there are fellow outdoors people hanging out makes me happy! Hope you are having a good break!