Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last One on the Block

I think that the house on the far left is going to be the last one on the block.  The neighborhood feels just right the size.  I may go back and add chimneys though.

Someone suggested that I put little white lights inside, which is an idea I love.  (I sure wish that last week I hadn't given  a set of battery run little white lights to the Goodwill.  Sigh......  A week ago.  I kid you not.)


Julie said...

Isn't that the way it always happens...just when you get rid of something, you need it 5 minutes later! Good grief! Your row houses would be adorable with that added effect though, I must admit...and I would love to see it, if you do it!!!

Kathy said...

Hi Jan,
Have you ever seen tiny little white "rice lights"? They might be just what you'd need. The row of houses is very charming. I have a hard time beliveing how small they are until I see your photo with the battery for a size reference. Keep up the great work.

random-Cindy said...

These do remind me of Old Town Alexandria! Very nice.

Got any clever ideas for postage stamps? I keep saving them . . . trying to think of what to do with them, something besides jewelry you know?

carol Gearing said...


carol Gearing said...