Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What I Have My Hand In

Here's a glimpse of some of the art I've been watching progress over the past month.
Second graders have been learning about Grant Wood's painting, American Gothic.  They also learned how to overlap objects to create an illusion of depth.  
I love preschool lessons.   Here they explored markmaking with block tempera for the first time.
 Kindergarteners, who were learning shapes, made pictures of things out of tangram blocks and then drew from that.
Fourth graders have been learning how to draw the human figure in proportion and then to draw it showing motion.
Fifth graders learned how to draw from still life arrangements.
Having not really drawn from observation before, they appear truly excited to see how well they do
A lot of evenings I feel disappointed at how little of my own artwork I have engaged in that day.  However, if you count all the things I have "had my hand in" at school, I think I can give myself a bit of credit for at least that effort.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

What a huge range of teaching you do... from the little-uns to I assume 10 year olds... at our school each age group is taught everything by one teacher till they were in their final year (10-11 years)... you deserve a really big pat on the back... well done you

x Alex

Kim said...

Wow! You are one busy, creative lady! What are the third graders doing? My son is in third grade and they no longer have art at our school due to "budget" - yeah, I just can't believe it either . . . ideas from you would be appreciated! (We still do art at home).

jackie said...

Yes, you do have to count this as creative work! Why, oh why couldn't you have been my kids' elementary art teacher??

Charlene said...

Love all your ideas and inclusion of technology. I'm also an elementary art teacher and sometimes find it hard during the school year to find time to complete my own art also. Thanks for all the great ideas!