Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Pixies

In my last post, Kim, inquired as to what I had done with my third graders.  They got no mention in that post at all.  Even though my classroom usually has around 13 cameras, yesterday it had none, so I had no way to record the moment.  And from home I couldn't get this photo because it was on the school network.

My third graders are experimenting with a computer paint program.  The one that my school system uses, and which I like very much, is Pixie.  I had let the kids experiment with all the tools one day.  Another day they had to alter their own head shot.  Since we currently are looking at how artists show facial expressions, the assignment was to alter their photo to emphasize an emotion.  While they weren't supposed to save the one they created yesterday, one boy begged me to let him save his.  So we were sneaky and saved it.   Hehehe.  Kids love this lesson.

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Kim said...

Thank you so much! I hope you can keep the ideas comming - they are so clever!! My boy will love doing this - I never thought of the computer as a way to make art but "duh!" - thank you again.