Friday, June 12, 2009

"The Pollen Was Bad that Day"

"The Pollen Was Bad that Day" is the title of this little piece.

It's summer and that means it's Artist Trading Card time with art teachers. My Ning group (see badge on sidebar if you're interested) is doing their annual swap. I have to make five cards.

I've been watching every grade stitch and weave this quarter. Weeks upon weeks of watching kids having fun with needle and thread. Finally, it's my turn. I'll do my ATCs with embroidery.

This particular card was first colored with a freezer paper print and then embroidered. I like the idea of printing first. It gives me good guidelines to follow while filling in empty spaces between stitches. The insect motif is a favorite of mine and was an easy choice to start off the process, but I think I will base the next one on a design from a masterpiece.

Looking at photos of my work, I always see errors that I don't see in person. The eyes need to be darkened or outlined and I forgot to stitch an antennae. After that, I'll be happy with it.

The weekend's here. Finally. And it is the last one of the school year.


SCB said...

As a hayfever sufferer I sympathise with the bee... Snips, eggs, videos, now embroidery! There is no end to your talents. I hope you have fun this last few days until the holidays! And have a great weekend, Sara

LDH said...

I never thought a bug was cute but I like this little guy!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Fabulous, what wonders will you be creating next...?

can't wait ot see more..
X Alex

Flash said...

Great minds think alike. Only thing is, you put your thoughts into actions. Me...I just think about it. LOL

jackie said...

That looks like fun, and I love it! And I was thinking the same thing that SCB said - is there anything you won't try and that you are not good at??

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I should be moving on to more rooster partying!
...but i love your ATCs and would love to know more about them... Do you still trade?

I am new to the blog world and etsy too...and it wasnt until Etsy that I heard a little more about ATCs,,,
Please email me with what you know...if you have the time.

I love your title on this one "The Pollen Was Bad that Day"

Are each given in a swap originals only?

Blessings & Aloha!