Thursday, June 18, 2009


Finally, weeks after many of my teacher friends started break, today was my first day of summer break. That gives me five weeks off since I teach at a "modified calendar" school. I'm feeling pretty pooped from teaching and am really ready for some R&R.

When the end of the school year rolls around, the question all teachers ask each other concerns plans for time off. Mine aren't big at this point. Seriously, my biggest wish is to spend lots of time down in my studio, aka "Snippyville."

The first few days off usually involve my list making of goals for the summer. Some will be completely discarded, but I often do delve into a few things in a serious manner.

My list of what I might like to do during my time off this summer:

...stick to my diet. I have a class reunion in 2 1/2 weeks. While I won't get skinny by then, I'll settle for feeling more comfortable in my clothes.

...get that Etsy shop open.

...write up a new grant proposal for tech goodies to use in my art room

...get 5 Artist Trading Cards done for my Art Education 2.0 swap. a YouTube tutorial every day

...make a light box for taking better photos of my work

...make videos for art lessons

...tidy up the files on my work computer

...spend a few days backpacking at DollySods, favorite spot on the planet

...spend a few days in a cabin at Blackwater Falls, WV

...update my curriculum to make it interesting again for me

...try silkscreening again

...try freezer paper stenciling again

...come up with ideas for Art Club

...come up with ideas for school bulletin boards

...reorganize my art supplies (i.e. get rid of the unused things)

...find a good deal on plane tickets so my girls can fly out here late in the season

...spend time every week riding the bike up hills

...learn to take better photos of my work

Things on the list will get deleted or never dealt with. Probably some things will be added. But five weeks just doesn't seem long enough to even put a little dent in my list. I just hope that I will feel rejuvenated by the time school starts again.


Moriah Betterly said...

Yay! You made it! I hope you enjoy your time off and get to some of the ridiuclous amounts of To-Dos you've created! Have fun, it's summer!

SCB said...

I hope you have a fabulous holiday! By the way, thanks for your comments - you're welcome to post the book on your blog, in fact thank you very much for asking! I was thinking of you while I did it and wishing I had your skill with the paper cutting... bits of it I like (tha whale, mainly) but I could have done better with the rest of it, I think. Maybe next time. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it! Sara

organized chaos said...

I am so motivated by your list! You'll come back with so much accomplished- mine only includes sleeping in, going to the pool, and reading the large mound of books for fun that have built up all year.
Don't know how you stayed on the diet during our last weeks of school- I blew mine out of the water with all the goodies and luncheons we had...

Chan Bliss said...

Sounds like you need more time off. My to-do list is not quite that long but is still more than I'll get done. And that doesn't even include the "honey-do's"

jackie said...

Phew, that is quite a list Jan! Class reunion, I have a love/hate relationship with those....
You're going to open an ETSY shop - Awesome!! And a light box, and freezer paper stenciling and snipping.
I'm yearning for time to just create but it just isn't happening this summer. Good luck with your list and happy break!

Cindy said...

Enjoy our time off! I make lists like that too, lol. I think some of your goals are things I need to do too. I want to see how you make your lightbox. Don't try to get too much done, just have fun doing whatever you do!

Susan Bivona, Art Teacher said...

I hope you will list some of the You Tube videos you watch! Please keep us in the loop!
I am almost there....last day of specials today, last day of KIDS Monday, last day for teachers Tuesday -- boy they really managed to D R A G that out - didn't they???

Happy Summer - Enjoy every minute!

Flash said...

Here's a link for you to make your own, inexpensive light box for photographing your work: