Monday, June 1, 2009

Found Object Art

Today was the last day of Art Club for the year. The group I worked with this semester was pretty motivated. Last semester I had more kids who were more interested in the social part of the club. This group was more fun to work with.

I had the kids look at art made from found objects. (Flickr was a rich resource for this.) Then they used egg cartons, cardboard boxes, cardboard strips, and odd cardboard packing materials.

Some kids made machine constructions like this "air jet."

Others did constructions resembling robots.

And when those didn't work out, they "art smarted" it and turned it into something else. This sculpture started out as a robot and ended up a castle.

Art Club gives the kids more of an opportunity to take media in the direction of their own choosing than they have in class. I think I stand back a bit more and give them more "space." Of course, there are usually less than 15 at a time in Art Club. That's at least 10 less than in their regular class. It makes a difference.


Moriah Betterly said...

Wonderful creations! I just love seeing what kids will come up with! We have started Art Dates here in our house. Each child gets one on one art time with me once a week. I started it with the youngest and she was facinating to watch! I love them all but I think the robot redo is my fav!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

What fab creations... I love the way their minds work... it really facinating.

X Alex