Sunday, May 31, 2009

Inevitable Egg

When I got home from work the other day, there was an unexpected package on the doorstep. Though I ashamedly get a lot of deliveries from eBay and Amazon, I could not imagine what I might have ordered and forgotten.
So, I tore into the package and this is what was there. Origami paper and this really beautiful black box.

Goodies from Cindy of the Random Charm blog. She had been the recipient of my my Pay It Forward swap. This was a thank you gift from her.

I don't collect anything other than interesting arty earrings and hair accessories. The hair clips tend to just wander around my bureau drawer and I've been keeping my eye out for some way to organize them. As soon as I spied the black box, I knew for what purpose it would serve.

The origami paper? I just do not do origami well. As an art teacher, I have felt the need to acquire the skill of paper folding. Having tried origami numerous times without success, I just don't bother trying anymore. Cindy says that she is anxious to see what I do with the paper, so I take that as an "out" for having to use it specifically for origami. I guess it was inevitable that the paper ended up being snipped and glued on an egg. The egg at the top of this post is my first attempt at using these gorgeous papers.



Moriah Betterly said...

Lucky, lucky girl! Origami paper on egg is WONDERFUL! Love it! AND, I'm drooling over your hair clips! Now I know why you collect them! They're gorgeous!

Cindy said...

Woohoo! Now that is one awesome use of origami paper. I knew you'd come up with something creative and beautiful! And wow, those are some amazing hairclips.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

is there no end to your creative talents... what a fab egg... and I love boxes, that one is definitely going to be very useful for storing all your clips, they are very beautiful too!

x Alex