Monday, May 18, 2009

Pay It Forward...or just drop kick it

I've been anxiously awaiting a package of surprises from my friend, Alex, in England. I was fortuntate enough to get in on her "Pay It Forward" swap.

When I pulled up to the house this afternoon and saw this on the porch, I was concerned.

A package encased in plastic wrap by the post office is probably not a good thing.

When I removed the plastic wrap and the brown paper on the outside, this is what the inner box looked like. It looked as if it had been drop kicked a few hundred times. Had it fallen out of the plane on the flight over?

Inside the box, things looked much better. (I've never seen a pretty bubble wrap treatment before.)

And it got prettier with every layer.

Luckily, the goodies inside survived, and I was delighted to find these.

The piece on the left is a fairy silhouette cut from felt. How on earth she cut those details in felt, I haven't a clue. And the piece on the right is stenciled fairies on canvas. I find fairies really fun creatures and have snipped a lot of them the last year. To get fairies created by someone else is a real treat. I am absolutely tickled with these goodies. Thank you, Alex!!! You did a beautiful job.

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Pink Feather Paradise said...

Well at least it arrived kinda safely, I was starting to panic that it wouldn't arrive at all!

I am glad you like it... I wasn't sure whether to crochet you something or sew you something... so I thought I would give a snip a little go... I am even more in awe of your snips now... trying to get the balance between the light and the dark is really difficult... and the risk of over snipping is really tricky..

Take care
X Alex