Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Eggs

This was a rainy, rainy weekend. Not so great for cycling, but great for pysanky. These are the products of my time in Snippyville this weekend.

While gleaning old visuals in my classroom last week I found a giant pysanky poster. I know it's traveled from school to school with me, but why I have it and when I got it are a puzzle. One thing that fascinated me was being able to see the highest quality eggs, magnified. I was happy to see that not all the lines met perfectly, nor were they all perfectly smooth. My impression is usually that the best of anything is practically beyond perfection. That always makes me feel as though the best is unattainable. Its such a relief to know that the best of the best still look as though they have the hand of the artist in view.


SCB said...

I agree, and that's the beauty of handmade things. I don't quite 'get' the idea of removing the maker's hand from work: even if the art isn't autobiographical, there's something amazing and intimate about seeing the maker's marks in a piece - there's a sense of connection even when there's no attempt by the artist to 'tell' you anything.

SCB said...

Maybe you could do an artists' "egg-schange"? Just a thought!

Melissa said...

I'm glad that the experts aren't perfect either. It makes me feel better at my own attempts at art. I love seeing your beautiful eggs. Please continue to make them.