Monday, April 20, 2009

Say Goodbye to My Little Friend

Okay, so the "Mr. Bliss" snip got only one favorable review in the comments.

And it got a rather scathing review from across the living room.
"That's very scary, Dear."

So, I think that means I need to snip something else for my friend, Chan.

I even made a little wardrobe for him in hopes he would would look less.....creepy.......but I think that lime green pants and pimp hat didn't help. So, Chan, I'll send you "Mr. Bliss" because, doggone it, I like it! But I'll make you something else too.


LDH said...

I Like Mr. Bliss ~ he makes me smile :) I think his hat is snazzy but like him better without his shorts... I mean that in the right kind of way :)

I am amazed at how far you are able to ride your bike! It seems like it would take ages to work up to the distance you can go! Good for you!

vfg said...

I thought he was funny, and liked him in his original black and white, too.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Well, I didn't like to comment because I obviously don't know Mr Bliss as well as you do... I think I preferred him pre pimping, but why not include the new attire and mr Bliss can play dress up with his snip... perhaps a pretty floral dress for those special occasions ;o)

Take care and keep snipping!

X Alex

Snippety Gibbet said...

His green outfit isn't permanent. I made him some extra garments just for giggles. He has an orange shirt, a tie, and leiderhosen too. = )

Chan Bliss said...

Ok I know I wasn't suppose to look but what good is temptation if you don't give in to it. I laughed out loud when I saw the first one. The second version I had to hold my smirk because the kids in the classroom were taking their "art test"
This will look good on my class door and go well with my Olivia "Super Model" dress up paper doll.

Mr Lee said...

Hi,Snippety Gibbet
Recently, how are you?Hope your all doing well!We will add something about the works to the blog.Look forward to your visit.

Mr Lee said...

By the way,could you tell us your E-mail?

Susan Tuttle said...

I too like Mr. Bliss. Did you know that I have three haunted dollhouses? --'nough said.


Mr Lee said...

Hi,Snippety Gibbet
Thanks so much for leaving email address on our blog.So kind words!Look forward to further communicating with you.Happy every day.

jackie said...

That is hilarious, and it looks like it was taken in the spirit it was made!