Friday, March 6, 2009

She Draws with Her Eyes

Without any thought of mentioning it to my students, I started using a computer drawing tablet in class. Whereas I used to stand in front of class and draw directly on the SmartBoard, now I sit at my desk and draw on the tablet. It then gets projected on the SmartBoard.

Today I noticed that when I drew, the kids looked at the SmartBoard, then they looked at me. They looked at the SmartBoard, and then they looked at me. Without seeing that I was drawing on the tablet, someone marvelled, "She's drawing it with her eyes."


So blessed! said...

WOW...that is so cool! Can I be in your class??? :-)

LDH said...

How cool is that ~ keep them guessing! PS How is your iTouch feeling?

Peddling Pooch was so fun!

Thanks for posting!

Paper Girl Productions said...

very cool!

Jackie said...

I always knew you had super powers! That is the cutest - I love your stories!