Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Sub Video

I've got another sub lesson video "in the can." The artist's representative told me that I could use her work for my lesson and share it with my friends. If I want to post it on YouTube, I will need to put her name on each still frame in big letters. So, for my own purposes, this is finished. If I want to share it with a much larger world, it needs more work. I will put the extra work in it when I figure out how to do it. (Which probably means that I will spend tonight working on that.)

I've got two other projects that I'm working on. One is a series of "Quickies." When a whole class of kids finish their art work early, I scramble around for something to fill in the time. These videos will be short drawing exercises for that purpose.

The other one is simply for my students to see. Three classes made pipe cleaner circuses and I videoed them. I'm trying to clean those up a bit and rerecord the voices that weren't loud enough.

I'm going out for a celebratory dinner with a friend tonight. (She achieved National Boards. Yea!!!) Afterwards, I am hoping to get some time in down in Snippyville.

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