Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's Cookin'?

The temperature was in the single digits this morning. That's as cold as I've ever experienced here in Northern Virginia.

I whipped up a tasty treat for friends for breakfast. Can you guess what I cooked?

Suet...a lard and bird seed delight. Here it is out cooling (freezing) on the porch.

I made two cakes of it and hung them in the bushes in front of the living room window. They had many takers throughout the day. I must have spent at least an hour watching the birds and squirrels peck away at them.

Note: Try pouring something hot from an iron skillet with one hand as you try to photograph it with the other hand. The hand with the skillet could only support the weight for a few seconds at a time until the skillet wilted down into the plastic container on the counter. It made me laugh but I was a tad frustrated the third or fourth time it happened.


LDH said...


Chan Bliss said...

Looks good but it may be too warm to hang that outside here. I can just see explaining to my wife why all that grease is dripping down the tree.

Jackie said...

At first I was a little worried that you were having some gastro issues and needed a little extra roughage. I always buy the suet cakes, I never thought about making them - duh!

Lori said...

i want to try this!! we made our own suet feeders just once and they melted right off the tree .. lol. i bet middle of winter would work better for us!