Friday, December 26, 2008

Pre-Christmas Lunch Out

My friend and I had lunch Monday afternoon down in Occoquan. I'd never been down there before, and had heard that it is rather artsy. It was a quaint town, reminding me of many towns in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The day was cold "down to the bone" and was windy, so we didn't stroll around leisurely outside.

I fell in love with this store window. Oh my, it was gorgeous. Can you tell in this photo that it is convex? The store was called "Polka Dot Princess." Cute store, but nothing handmade inside.

This was a fun store. It was filled with Christmassy stuff.

These modern "Victorians" are right on the Occoquan River. My friend said they were selling for over a million before the real estate bust.

This gorgeous iron work led down to the river.

The ornament below was my only purchase for the day. Mostly I wanted to remember the idea so I could use the technique myself. It is a shallow bowl shape and its diameter is probably 3" max. It is made out of red clay and the design appears to be painted with underglaze and covered with clear glaze. The little leaves look as though they were squeezed out of a bottle. I don't feel badly about stealing any technique or idea when the sticker on the bottom reads "Made in China." Maybe this will be my Christmas card idea for next year.....

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