Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ethel Merman

We've been sent a couple of emails about not endorsing candidates at school, so I have been tight lipped about the topic with students. One of my favorite fifth graders was workin' a political tee shirt for MY candidate today. Since first grade, this girl has always been a little larger than life, often reminding me of a mini-Ethel Merman. A goodhearted kid, she has endured a lot of heartaches in her short time. Probably that's why I feel especially tender hearted towards her. I can tell she likes me too, as she is one of the few kids who always gives a hearty laugh at all of my lame jokes. Anyway, here she is workin' my candidate's tee shirt, and it was all I could do to not give her the "thumbs up" for wearing it. I wanted to whisper to her that I like the guy too... but I wasn't supposed to, and so I didn't. Sometimes I feel a connection with kids that is more friendly and familial than scholarly, and feel frustrated not being able to express it.


The Vintage Kitten said...

A mini Ethel Merman LOL! We were once at a party with my husbands (male) friend who had a few too many drinks and all of a sudden he announced that he felt "abit like Ethel Merman" and burst into song...Hooray for Hollywood. Its an image that will stay with me forever! Sorry that has nothing to do with your post, but when I read the title it made me remember (and laugh) Regards Mandy (UK)

Jackie said...

I know what you mean about connecting with the kids, and the sad part is that little girl could probably use a close familial connection with you.
Had to laugh at the vintage kitten's story too!