Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Embroidery Snip

This snip is on a thank you note...

for this.

A colleague's Grandmother passed this along to me. Embroidery floss! On a cone! Who knew embroidery floss came in cones.... Art Club will be doing stitchery artist trading cards next week now that I have such an abundance of floss.


Buffy said...


Oh thats really Sweet! I would be chuffed to bits to receive a "Thank You" like that x x

And what a lovely little hoard of Cones you got too!

~Buffy x x

perilloparodies said...

oh, such a sweet snip, Snippety!!! really darling... :-)

Unlimited said...

I love this snip... and I'm glad (as Grandma will be) that the supply will be useful :)

Maija said...

The paper cut is fab! Lucky you- the embroidery floww looks so delicious!!

Susan Tuttle said...

...And a hidden jackpot lies within -- you can make wonderful tussie mussies from the cones!


vfg said...

_super_ jackpot. Lucky.

(we're doing burlap embroidery at our Fall Festival next week: inspired by you. Thank you!)

Jackie said...

Love the snip! It seems very nostalgic and charming! I didn't know floss came on cones, it seems like it would get less tangly that way.